7 Iconic Modern Lounge Chair Design Picks

To fill a living space is often a very hard task. The variations of décor solutions are limitless.  I may seem to be simple to find an occasional chair to match modern interior. But when you get down to the point you will see hundreds of lounge chair, chaise lounge, ottoman and club chair designs out there.

You probably would like to buy the one that not only will fulfill its relaxing function but also will become a remarkable and stylish piece of your modern home interior. In this case a furniture piece must have some sort of design background, a kind of a story behind its appearance.

Modern lounge seating has its own icons in terms of design. Most of these designs are available in our Occasional Seating section. Let us introduce 7 of these to you now.

Eames Lounge chair and ottoman

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman
There has been nothing alike made after 1956. The masterpiece by designers Charles and Ray Eames is a part of permanent collection of New York's MoMA and The Art Institute of Chicago. There are hundreds of books and movies featuring this lounge chair. Even nowadays it is 100% assembled manually. Pure hand made. Nobody tries to upgrade it somehow. It is absolutely no need for that.

Barcelona chair

Barcelona Chair

This chair was created by Ludwig Mies vander Rohe and Lilly Reich for the international exhibition in Barcelona in 1929. And only after 20 years since it has been modified by changing the material of the base for the stainless steel.

Furnillion proudly presents some redesigned versions of Barcelona lounge chair. Their appearance and quality is very similar to the original:

Modern Leather Lounge Chair Mila Modern Gray Fabric Lounge Chair Mila Modern brown leather lounge chair with chromed frame Chelsea

The Eames molded plywood chair

Eames plywood chair

One more masterpiece by the Eames family. Also known as Low Chair Wood (LCW), it was made with revolutionary for that time plywood forming technology. In 1945, the LCW was called by Time magazine "the chair of the century". This chair is still very popular, though, mainly due to the unbelievable numbers of replicas.

At Furnillion you can find Mid-century modern plywood lounge chair Flen which is an outstanding replica of LCW chair available in 5 colors:

Mid-century modern plywood lounge chair Flen

The Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair

Wassily Lounge Chair

Wassily Chair is also known as Model B3 chair. It was constructed by Marcel Breuer in 1925-1926 in German company Bauhaus, where he was working as a Head of Product development. After the few decades the Italian company Gavina started to produce these occasional chairs. Since then it is simply named Wassily.
At our store we have the high-quality replica of this chair named Solna. It is available in 3 colors:

Modern chrome leatherette lounge chair Solna

The Adelta Ball Chair

Adelta Ball Chair

This accent chair is made of fiberglass with soft upholstery and was created by Eero Aarnio in 1963. Nowadays the original is being produced by a Finnish company Adelta. It is still very popular.

The best samples of the Ball chair design are featured at Furnillion by the following lounge chairs, available in various color options:

Modern ball shaped lounge chair inspired by Eero Aarnio design                 Modern ball shaped orange and green lounge chair inspired by Eero Aarnio design

The Swan chair

The Swan Chair

In 1958 Arne Jacobsen while creating the occasional chair by special order for Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, was inspiring by the most beautiful bird - the swan. Perfection created by nature has not gone out of fashion even in manufactured goods like Swan lounge chair. The Swan chair has been very popular up to present times and is produced by the Danish company Republic of Fritz Hansen.

We are proud to represent some replicas of this chair available for purchase:

Modern Fabric swivel Lounge Chair inspired by The Swan design  Modern leather swivel lounge chair Dove   Mid-century Modern Swivel Lounge Chair Flight

Le Corbusier LC2 Petit Modele Arm chair

LC Armchair

The lounge chair LC2 Petit Modele Arm chair was created in 1928 by architects Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand in the Le  Corbusier workshops. It has become a pure symbol of modern design and remains on the pedestal nowadays.

There is a Lounge Chair called Fortress in our club chairs collection which design was inspired by the above mentioned famous masterpiece. We have them in black, white and espresso  colors:
Modern leather lounge chair Fortress

More great samples of famous lounge chairs you will find here.

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