Modern Occasional Tables Review. How to Choose the Right Type for You?

There is a variety of tables that you can choose from and each has their own characteristics. If you are in the market for contemporary occasional tables, here is an idea of the basic tables and what their main functions are to assist you in your search.

Coffee Tables

Coffee Table Avant          Coffee Table Prism          Coffee Table Shanti
Coffee tables are generally kept in living rooms or family rooms and are usually placed in front of a couch. They can be made of any type of material and can serve multiple purposes. The main purpose however, is to give the occupants in the room a place to set their drinks down. Some coffee tables contain drawers and cupboards for additional storage, while others are simply tables.


End Tables

End Table Bella          End Table Stark          End Table Kuji

End tables are placed next to a couch or chair. They often have a lamp on them and can also contain a drawer or a cupboard door for storage. These tables are there to assist those sitting in the couch or chair they are placed next to; a lamp can give some extra light in case you are doing some reading or you can place your beverage on the table while you are seated and you can store things like books, magazines and the TV remote on the top of the table or in its storage options. End tables are kept in family rooms or living rooms and often match a coffee table.


Consoles or Console Tables

Console Table Surprize          Console Table Respite          Console Table Design District

A console table is one that is placed up against a wall. It can go in a variety of rooms, including hallways. They often have legs and details that are curved and decorative, but many contemporary occasional tables of this type have been modernized and contain cleaner lines. They are used as decorative pieces and can hold small lamps and other collectibles you would like to display.


Side and Accent Tables

Side Table Rispoli          Side Table Lippo           Modern Glass Side Table Morning
Side tables are similar to end tables, except they are smaller in stature. They may contain a very small drawer for some storage, but most of the time, they do not. They can be placed next to a couch or chair, but can be placed anywhere to the side that you like. Side tables can even be purchased for outdoor furnishing as well.

Accent tables are small tables that are usually placed off to the side of the room or in a corner; their main function is to decorate the room and give you a place to set small decorations that add to the ambiance of the room.


Nesting Tables

Nesting Table Custo          Nesting Table Nimbus          Nesting Table Arhus
Nesting tables are several tables that fit within one another. They are sold together and usually come in 3, with the second table being slightly smaller than the first, and the third table being slightly smaller than the second. They are sized the way so that three tables can be stacked and all fit together to appear as one or they can be pulled out a little, giving you a place to set your beverages and decorations on something that is pleasing the eye.

So, as you can see there a huge variety of occasional tables that would refresh your interior without taking a lot of space.

Hope you would be able to find the right one for you in our store.

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