• Coffee Tables

    Coffee table is one of the most popular occasional furniture items for living spaces these days. Your favorite coffee table should add a special different accent in your living room interior finishing the whole design idea. That is why you have to pay a special attention to its appearance and design while searching to buy one.

    The ultimate goal of a home owner is to pick up the one and only original coffee table out of hundreds offered that will perfectly fit your interior. The goal of FURNILLION.COM is to make the process of finding the right coffee table fast and easy.

    You are welcome to browse through our widest selection of modern coffee tables that are structured and can be easily filtered by price range, material of the top and base, colors and styles.

    We also suggest browsing by different features of our coffee tables. We have many coffee tables with drawers, coffee tables with lifting top, multi-level coffee tables, modern transforming coffee tables, coffee tables with additional storage space, contemporary and modern coffee tables with lightening and many more types and options.

  • End Tables

    As it is seen from its name, an end table is something you could put in the end. Usually it means the end side of a couch or sectional sofa. But often is not necessary to be like that. You can let your design ideas flow and use your end table as a nice style contributing accent in any room and place.

    For example, you can use a square end table with selves in your bedroom instead of a nightstand. Or you can put round end table in the corner of your office by the side of a visitor chair.

    FURNILLION.COM proudly presents every day renewing assortment of various end tables. Anyone can find the right end table here.

    There are many ultra-modern glass end tables, as well as chromed metal and glass end tables for the sleek design followers. Those who prefer more traditional look and feel in terms of surface would find many nice models among our wooden and veneered end tables.

    We offer a large variety of different shapes of end tables: round end tables, square end tables, rectangular end tables, triangle end tables, circle end tables and many free form end tables.

    For some of you who would prefer to add some nice to have functionality to your end table we offer end tables with drawers, end tables with storage space and additional shelves, tray top end tables, transforming end tables and many other.

  • Console Tables

    Console tables (also known as consoles) are usually placed in the hallways where they are used for temporary keeping some small belongings such as brought from outside magazines, gloves, keys and many more that you can put on a console before leaving the house or upon returning home. Thus very often a console table can become the permanent place for keeping various décor items, such as clocks, chandeliers, phone, vases etc.

    Modern console tables usually are attached to a wall by the back side of the table top because they have an unstable construction when placed separately.  The table top has a straight back side to fit the wall closely. Modern wall consoles have one to four legs but the main part in the steadiness play the fixation to the wall.

    There are lots of designs, sizes and materials for modern consoles that will fit any interior. The widest selection of contemporary console tables represented at FURNILLION.COM will allow you to implement easily any of your designer ideas.

    The vast variety of modern console tables featured at our store could satisfy any even the most sophisticated taste. We are offering many wooden console tables of different design for those who prefers traditional and more natural look. There are also a lot of contemporary chrome and glass console tables for modern interiors.

  • Nesting Tables

    Nesting table is usually a set of small end tables of different sizes. The quantity of tables in nesting table set may vary from 2 to 5.  Usually due to a different size a smaller table goes under the biggest one. Because of its original form and design solution a nesting table can be placed to almost any room where you need to add some stylish accent as well as functionality.

    You can use a square nesting table with shelves in your bedroom instead of a nightstand. Or you can put a modern nesting table by the wall of your office.

    FURNILLION features vast assortment of various nesting tables renewed daily. Anyone can find the right nesting table here.

    There are many modern, industrial, contemporary nesting tables, chromed metal and glass nesting tables for the sleek design followers. Those who prefer more traditional look and feel in terms of surface would find many nice models among our wooden and veneered nesting tables.

  • Side Tables

    Side table is probably one of the most important items within the occasional tables category. It is due to its functionality that is a must.

    Modern side tables represented at FURNILLION.COM besides their remarkable design usually possess some essential and useful function.

    You can always move a side table with casters closer towards your favorite couch or lounge chair and keep your glass, book or remote control by the hand for your convenience and comfort.

    There are also many side tables with drawers where you can put some essential small belongings. Magazine readers will find very convenient our modern side tables with inbuilt magazine racks.

    There are various side tables in terms of materials: contemporary wooden and veneered side tables, bent glass side tables, chrome and glass side tables.

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