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11 Modern Coffee Table Ideas

11 Modern Coffee Table Ideas


1. Modern coffee table with drawers

Modern coffee tables with drawers are definitely one of the most valuable in terms of functionality. Usually this type of a contemporary coffee table contains one drawer on one of its sides. But sometimes there can be two or more drawers on several sides of a coffee table. It you like to keep a lot of small belongings near you in the living room all the time, a coffee table with drawers could be the best solution. It allows hiding everything you may have around you in a sec making the room and coffee table itself look very neat and clean. Check out some of our best examples of coffee tables with drawers:

Coffee Table Shaman Coffee Table Design District Coffee table Ako

2. Modern coffee table with lifting top

This category features coffee tables with lifting top. In fact this feature brings a multi-purpose function. The top of this type of modern coffee table can be easily lifted up and used as a small table of a regular height. Moreover there is usually some extra storage space hidden under the lifting top of this occasional table. It is very convenient to have a coffee table with lifting top in your modern living space that sometimes is used as a small snack area or occasional studying room. There are a few vivid examples of how it works:

3. Modern coffee table with multi-level top

If you want to have something really original and prominent in terms design and construction, modern coffee table with multi-level top is the right choice. There can be a lot of different variations of coffee tables with table tops attached at different levels. Some of them are movable and transforming. These tables can completely change their shape. Another just has two or more table tops attached at different levels. But the only thing remains the same with all multi-level coffee tables: their appealing style. Here they are:
Coffee Table Aki Coffee Table Nikaho Coffee Table Lazio

4. Modern coffee table with shelf

There are a lot of coffee tables with little more functionality in form of under top shelves. The coffee table shelf is actually an extra surface space allowing you to put some necessary small items or some nice decor in order not to keep it on the coffee table top. It is pretty simple but always precious concept. Here are evidences:
Coffee table Tottori Coffee Table Nishi Coffee Table Reno

5. Modern coffee table with storage

This is probably the main and the most popular group of occasional tables. Storage coffee table in fact is the most functional one. It is always nice to have item in a small space limited living rooms. But it will also perfectly work for larger spaces. This category includes any modern coffee table that has any type of storage compartment allowing you to put and keep something inside. Great samples are here:
Coffee Tble Feeling Coffee Table Destiny Coffee Table Major

6. Modern swivel top coffee table

This type of coffee tables features original and fun design. Usually they consist of several parts that can be swivel out and eventually change shape. It is very convenient and at the same time allows changing the look of your favorite occasional table whenever you need it. Sometimes it is nearly possible to guess that the table before and after transformation is in fact the same one. Look how it works:

7. Modern transforming coffee table

Transforming coffee tables include all coffee tables that can easily change their shape and function. For-example, some coffee tables can transform into a dining table or desk. Others can be split and divided into two or more separate accent tables (modular coffee table). This is a very broad and interesting category of table. A lot of fun for those of you who likes experiments and novelties:
Coffee Table Gravity Coffee Table Tamano Coffee Table Shine

8. Modern coffee table with tray top

These coffee tables are different from other by having a removable serving tray on their tops. This tray can be taken off and used for serving food or drinks. It is very convenient when you do not need to lean all the time towards the coffee table to grab what you want, isn’t it?

9. Modern coffee table with casters

It is very convenient to have a coffee table with rolling casters. They make the occasional table easy movable within your modern living space. You can relocate your occasional table anytime to change the interior look or just simply to free some space.
Coffee Table Barbary Coast

10. Modern coffee table with lighting

It becomes very popular to have a coffee table with inbuilt lighting accents. Small bulbs can totally change the appearance of you modern coffee table. They also add romantic look when you turn the main lights off. There are different types of power used in this type of coffee table: batteries, inbuilt accumulator or power cord.
Coffee Table Futu Coffee Table Tele

11. Modern coffee table with stools

There are coffee tables that come as a set with up to 4 small stools or ottomans. It is a lot of fun to have it when you meet many friends in your place. Sometimes those seating pieces have additional storage space under the seat.

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