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5 Ideas for Transforming Coffee Tables


Let us introduce you some of the finest examples of modern transforming coffee tables, that we represent at our store:

1. Modern Swivel Glass Top Coffee Table Grosseto

Transforming coffee table Grossetto

Sleek and stylish, this contemporary coffee table features two swivel table tops. It is included in a list of transforming coffee tables because the two ends can stay under the main table top when not needed and swing out to any conceivable angle whenever the need for more space arises.

2. Contemporary Transforming Square Coffee Table with Storage Kanu

Contemporary transforming coffee table Kanu

The Kanu coffee table features a 3-level construction that hides two storage bays. Ideal for a living room where tables tend to collect the contents of the whole family’s pockets. These hideaway storage bays swivel out when needed. Featuring a triple-colored glossy lacquer finish, this piece looks great and provides much needed storage space.

3. Modern square swivel coffee table with storage Mell

Transforming coffee table Mell

One of the most innovative transforming coffee tables available, the Mell is split into three sections that are swivel. When more space is needed, each piece extends out. Also, there is a built in the base storage space for your needs. The black and white colored coffee table looks great and matches almost any decor.

4. Modern White Transforming Coffee Table Sanda

Transforming coffee table Sanda

This glossy white lacquered coffee table features a swing arm top that makes an ideal takeaway tray as well as storage space under the front end. It even has another storage niche on one side of the base. A great meld of form and function, this table isn't as adaptable as some of the other options but makes a great coffee table none the less.

5. Modern Glass and Chrome Rectangular Motion Coffee Table Turin

Transforming coffee table Turin

This coffee table features chromed metal fixtures and tempered glass with four shelves, two of which swivel out or under the table for additional space. The Turin table is one of the most modern designs combining beauty and functionality. It would look great as an end table or center-piece, and the adjustable shelves mean it can be as large or small as you need it.

Why just have a table when you can have one of these multi-functional transforming coffee tables? When space is at a premium, consider something that both looks great, has the extra tabletop area you need, and even includes hidden storage areas.

That was just a short overview of a few transforming coffee tables out of dozens that we have here at Furnillion.


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