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How to Save Space with a Bent Glass Coffee Table


The addition of a bent glass coffee table to a room creates beauty as well as versatility. Bent glass offers a unique contemporary design that will fit well with your other furnishings. Moreover, you can save space by incorporating one of these stunning designs into your decor. If you, like me, often have little things floating around your room, with no space in which to put them, these coffee tables can be a lifesaver.

Store and More

Not only can you use these tabletops to store small objects, such as books, curios, or magazines, some designs have a drawer built into them. One example is the Modern Bent Glass Coffee Table with Walnut drawers Shaman. Its’ under the glass drawers store items that don't need to be in a view, efficiently hiding them and saving space in a sophisticated modern walnut coffee table:
Coffee table Shaman
Another space saver utilizing the bent glass effect is the Modern Glass Coffee Table with Walnut Base August:
Coffee Table August
Those of us who live in small apartments or cramped living spaces will appreciate a table that stores items within its base. Beautiful glass adorns the top, making a decorative furniture statement; however, it seconds as a fantastic under the top storage solution.

The beauty of a bent clear glass can be added to your room with the Coffee Table Adagio:

Coffee Table Adagio

Strikingly stunning in its design, this modern addition to a room has a storage space that is perfect for books and magazines. Modern and trendsetting, this piece of furniture delivers.

Simple Says It All

Even the addition of a simple bent glass coffee table, such as the Vieste will add beauty to a room and save space. Small objects can be arranged on the top, and your favorite art books and magazines can have a home:

Coffee Table Vieste

The modern and striking design of tempered glass can be seen in the Bent glass coffee table Discovery, a real statement of contemporary design:

Glass Coffee Table Discovery

Not only beautiful, those among you with creativity might use the wiggly niche to store magazines, saving space and adding to utility.

These coffee tables rock!

More glass coffee tables can be found here.

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